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Design Dilemma: Selecting the right size rug for your space

With so many sizes, options and prices, picking the right rug for your space can be an overwhelming and daunting task to some. We come across a lot of cases where people often think of the rug as an afterthought, picking up something quick and accessible and whatever size is on the shelf. The rug is actually an important piece in the room as it is the anchor and foundation, setting the mood for the rest of the space. Most common mistake we see most people making is selecting a rug that is too small for the area, which makes it look like a postage stamp in the room.

Our rule with rugs is, when in doubt, bigger is always better.

Samantha Thomas

We have put together a little break down of sizes of rugs for certain rooms and situations. These are not hard rules, these are guidelines to follow.


Pictured here is our Anastasia rug in slate/multi colour


The size of rug for your living room is dependant on the size of your space. If you have a large open area with your furniture floating in the room, we suggest a size that is large enough so all pieces should be on the rug. The sizes that are ideal for this situation are rugs that are 11’x14’ or 9’x12’.

When you have a smaller space or furniture up against a wall you can use an 8×10 size. All the front legs of the furniture should be able to rest on the area rug. As a rule of thumb, your feet should always rest on the rug when you are seated.

If you have a tiny space, like a condo or studio apartment you can get away with a 5×7 or 5×8 rug. These spaces are often too small for an 8×10. The idea is to create a grouping not to fully carpet the room.


Shown here is the Dreamscape rug in slate/orange


Shown here is the Anastasia rug in blue/ivory



In your dining area, it is suggested to have a rug size that holds the table and chairs even when the chairs are pulled out. The rug should be at least 24” or so extending past the edge of the table. For an average dining area a 9×12 or an 8×10 is ideal. You should avoid selecting something too small where the chairs are barely on the rug.



Bedrooms come in all shapes and sizes. We find that this room has the most flexibility with sizes depending on your layout. With a larger size bedroom you should choose a rug that will fit the furniture and anchor the room. With a king bed we suggest a 9×12, and with a queen we suggest an 8×10 size.

A runner is on either side of the bed is also different solution.

What you should avoid doing is floating a smaller rug at the end of the bed. This always looks out of proportion and awkward in the space.


Tips for figuring out the size of rug for you.

We understand most people have a hard time visualizing the size of area rug needed in a space. To help you get a feel of the actual size, we often suggest to our clients and customers that they use painters tape and tape out the size in the room. That way you get a real sense of how it fill fit everything.

Don’t have painters tape at home? Don’t worry, using bedsheets to lay and fold on the floor works just as well.


Rug shown in image is the Loren rug in sand/taupe